Why did we start?

Today’s market is full of low quality low price poor design jewelry. This fact always got me mad, and that’s why I decided to open BOHOBOHO.

     When I was looking for some really unique and stylish high quality jewelry, I have always reached some stores, where I would leave my monthly salary for a ring, or bracelet. I am not even talking about necklaces. Why should we pay thousands and thousands of dollars for such a product? First, we pay for design, then the material and of course the brand name. That’s how established market works! But, when something is established it means that it is settled down, which is basically suggests that’s something isn’t right here, that the market is on stagnation.

     We are here to do changes. When I started to dive into the topic, I found out that all these brands (I don’t want to include the names to avoid legal issues, but I do believe that you understand who am I talking about right now) sell their product with 2000% or even 10000% margin, which means that they sell a 15$ ring for 1500$. I thought that it’s just not fair, but then I understood that they have to pay salaries for their marketing, accounting, and other departments, which formed complex bureaucratic structure. And that’s sucks! Why would you make an art masterpiece to go through all these processes to come to the customer, if it is that good? Because it’s simply not art. It’s just business. And that whole complex structure cannot be art. I asked myself a question what is the art then? 

     The art is when you passionate about what you do and how you do that. That’s why in BOHOBOHO you will find real masterpieces for the price they cost to produce. I always hated bureaucracy and business oriented vision of things. I am an artist, musician, and designer and my goal is for people to love what I do, to wear what I do, and the only way I can reach my goal is to create a place where people would find artistic jewelry that lasts, does not turn green like a grass. Of course Mona Lisa painting is still exists because it treated well, so you will also need to treat the jewelry well, but I understand that sometimes it is simply not possible, when we come from the night club for example, we would not look for our jewelry box, we will leave it somewhere. And it still fine! We make it for people, not robots!

     Summarizing the facts, I wanted to come up with something new, something that will last and not just frustrate, something really novel and unique. And that’s how I created BOHOBOHO. The only place, I would claim, where you will find high quality, affordable and unique jewelry designed in Korea and the USA.